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Auto adjusting hillside trams and incline cars landing pad
Why purchase JS incline tram?
New Incline Trams 
Model HT-3, HT-5 or HT-7.5
1.  Evaluate your site for  JS incline tram install.  Determine your needs and wants in hillside elevator system.

2. Provide preliminary estimate based on customer measurements, photos and or drawing.

3. Provide you with honest cost  estimate with installation time scheduled.

4.  Sign contract and retain deposit.

5.  Build and ship JS incline tram package to your location.

6.  Install new JS Incline tram system.

7.  Site system test.

8.  Train customer - how to use.

Tram Color Choices
In-Car Wireless Controls
Redundancy Safety Switches
Insured and Licensed
Double Cable Drive System
Stainless 5/16" aircraft cable
Safety Braking / Rail / Gearbox / 
      Over-speed Brake
Motor Choices:
      3 or 5 or 7.5  HP
3 step Power Coat Process
Runs on 220-230 House power while controls run on 24 volt dc 
Car size 42"x60" 

All of our equipment is UL listed and rated with 508A certification plus our incline trams meet or exceed all elevator ASME safety standards.

Door Interlocks
Car Operation Panel (COP)
or Wireless Car control box
Tram Car Canopy
​Dual Gates
​Wireless Remote
Increase property value!

Help elderly, handicapped, children, mom and dad up and down the stairs or slopes.

Reduce accident liability of using stairs.

Carry supplies that would otherwise be difficult to carry on stairs.

JS Incline Tram Installation Steps:
hill tram safety brake
- An onsite Licensed Elevator Technician installs your tram.

-All hardware used meets or exceeds ASME elevator Safety Code

Safety is our # 1 Priority
-JS Incline Trams    512-663-7124

For More Info email us:
Over speed brake with motor cut-off
 Elevator Licensed and Insured
Standard Colors
Special Order 
Color  Chart