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JS Incline Trams will work with what you have as long as it can be configured to latest elevator safety code standards.  In the case of one customer,  I was able to reto-fit incline lift car and track with new dual cable lift motor and electronic controls with code compliant hill tram  safety switches and braking systems.

Many hill tram companies require you to use their track because of liability reasons and because the engineering calls for that type track.

​Our design, we believe is superior since we can engineer incline tram for your situation.

-JS Incline Trams    512-663-7124
JS Incline Trams Upgrade and Retrofits 
Name of Service
Not Working
hillside lift track, incline trams track, hill elevator repair
Old Incline tram parts, failed hillside elevator, out dated hill lift cable
hill lift gearbox-incline tram gearbox motor-hill elevator gearbox
4 Other Bidders wanted to replace the track on this job costing 20-100% more!
Call JS,  I've worked on all major tram models

hill tram motor repairs and replacement, hill side elevator upgrade and updates to elevator code standards
Outdated Equipment
Get honest incline-tram estimates! 
Call the other car guys first, if you want to waste time, then call me and I'll give honest evaluation and quote! 
Incline Tram Control Buttons - Residential Hill elevator controls
Unsafe Design
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